We all know Trump sucks, and he's been promising to release his taxes for the past 3.5 years while continuously failing to do so. Fortunately, someone leaked his tax reports from the past 10 years and surprise surprise - he's a big, stinky, poopy fraud. In fact, he paid only $750 in income taxes last year and the ear before. Such a small amount that we can pretty much guarantee that you, me, that waitress, that barista, that grocer, and any other customer service rep paid more in taxes than his big dumb head did.

Personally, I'm happy to pay reasonable taxes. I'd be happier if they were used correctly instead of just lining politicians pockets but I like taxes in theory.

If you also like taxes in theory and you're proud that you paid you dues, grab this sticker now!

trump sucks.

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I Paid More Taxes Than Trump Sticker