About the Artist

Valerie is persistently inquisitive and consistently hardworking. She is driven by a deeply passionate curiosity and loves to explore, learn, and experiment with all things design. She is excited by thoughtful narratives, visual hierarchy, and illustration, and aims to craft captivating stories.


Outgoing and energetic, seeks to bring joy and education into our daily lives through fun illustrations, delightful narratives, and intuitive design.

A maker and creator by default, Valerie is a natural leader who enjoys engaging in the constructive but playful conversation that builds exciting concepts. Using her ability to quickly draw abstract connections (thanks dad!), she crafts thoughtful narratives into intriguing visual smorgasbords, illuminating the message through a wide range of illustration and lettering methods.

Valerie has worked with a variety of clients, creating everything from movie posters to corporate fliers to portraits and illustrations for children's books. She also works on a number of commissions each month, from birthday gifts to wedding invitations.


Valerie's main passions include crunchy and rich illustrations, hand lettering, children's picture books, activism, and character design. Outside of art and work, she enjoys being a dog mom, learning, cooking, and exploring.